Ferco Team

A name: Ferry. And a team. Together they make FERRY & CO - FERCO

Patrick Ferry launched Immo Ferco in 1986. The faces behind this name are: Patrick, the father, his daughter Audrey who joined the company in 2000, followed by her brother Pascal eight years later.

Our approach to the real estate market is a family affair. A property is not a property like any other. Buying or selling a house is not an ordinary transaction.

Selling a house is to let go of our past to start again elsewhere.
Buying a house is a new beginning, a new page of our life.

So, when a customer pushes the door of our agency to entrust us with his project, we commit ourselves thoroughly.

Discover our team of passionate experts ...

Émilie Dilens
Assistant Manager - Advertising Department

Clint Alliet
Real estate advisor (Huldenberg area)

Karine Van Meerbeek
Real estate advisor (Hoeilaart area)

Fabienne Peetroons
Real estate advisor (Tervuren, Kraainem, Wezembeek & Bruxelles)

Michael Delattre
Financial and marketing support

Christelle Timmermans
Real estate advisor (Waterloo/Rhode Saint Genèse/Braine L’Alleud)

Yasmin Fischer
Trainee real estate

Public Relation